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Instructions to authors

Catathelasma publishes contributions to the better knowledge of fungi preferably in Slovakia and central Europe. Papers should be on biodiversity (mycofloristics), distribution of selected taxa, taxonomy and nomenclature, conservation of fungi, and book reviews and notices. We accept also announcements on literature for sale and/or exchange (classified) and on events atractive for mycologists. Manuscripts have to be submitted in English with a Slovak or Czech summary.

Elements of an article submitted to Catathelasma

Please follow these standards

- for journal abbreviations Botanico-Periodico-Huntianum (Lawrence & al., 1968; Bridson 1991)
- for book abbreviations Stafleu and Cowan's Taxonomic Literature (2nd ed., vol. 1-7, 1976-1988, & supplements)
- for abbreviation of author(s) of taxa Authors of plant names (Brummitt & Powell, 1992),
or the International Plant Names Index database
- for current names CABI Funindex
- for collection acronyms Index Herbariorum (Holmgren & al, 1990)

Editorial office

Slovak Mycological Society, Institute of Botany, Dúbravská 14, SK-845 23 Bratislava; e-mail

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